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RV6™ V2 Long Tube Jpipe & GEN 2 HFPCs™ (High Flow Precats) Combo for 08-12 Accord V6 (3.5L)

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RV6™ V2 Long Tube Jpipe & GEN 2 HFPCs™ (High Flow Precats) Combo for 08-12 Accord V6 (3.5L)
RV6 V2 Long Tube Jpipe & GEN 2 HFPCs (High Flow Precats) Combo for 08-12 Accord V6 (3.5L)
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V2 Long Tube J-pipe
The newly redesigned RV6® V2 Long Tube Jpipe for the 2008-2012 8th Generation Accord V6. This Jpipe features a redesigned merge collector for optimum flow and performance. RV6® designed and released the first production Jpipe in 2007. Ever since then we have been improving and optimizing our designs and manufacturing skills. This Jpipe is the accumulation of our experience and testing gathered over the years. Much thought and care was taken in order to equalize runner length and most importantly maximize ground clearance. By completely removing the 3rd cat, runner length was maximized in order to take full advantage of exhaust gas scavenging. 

This Jpipe is based off our full length runner design for optimized exhaust scavenging in order to have the best off the line response.  Our combination of runner length and tubing size produces gains throughout the power band. Along with our gradual merge this Jpipe is our smoothest flowing design to date.

At RV6® we go all-out use the highest quality materials and welding techniques. This Jpipe is made ENTIRELY of high quality 304 stainless steel. That not only includes the tubing but the flanges and flexpipes as well. The entire Jpipe is back purged TIG welded for superior strength and weld purity.


- Full Stainless 304 (tube, flanges, and flex pipes)
- Argon Back Purged Welding
- 2.25 Primaries/ 2.5 Outlet
- CNC Waterjet Cut Flanges
- Triple Lined Interlock Flex Pipes
- Full Bolt On Install 
No Cutting or Welding Required

High Flow Precats (HFPCs®)

Introducing the RV6® cast stainless precat deletes and high flow precats for the 2008-2012 Accord V6. These castings will be used to make precat deletes and high flow precats (HFPCs®) They were designed completely using 3D CAD and CMM. The transition from flange to pipe or high flow cat is made from precision casted 304 stainless steel. This allows for optimum turbulence free flow with no sacrifice in strength. The castings are no thinner then 5mm at their thinnest point, roughly 3 times thicker then the prototype and previous PCDs®. We are confident that these castings can handle any abuse without cracking.

Over the past year we have been receiving many requests to make precat deletes also known as PCDs® for the new 08+ Honda J-Series engines. PCDs® are well known amongst the 7th generation Accord and 3rd generation TL for being the best bang for buck mod Unfortunately Honda has change their precat flange design and added a EGR port on all new models after 08. Making our current design no longer compatible with the newer engines.

Dyno tests were performed on an 09 Automatic Accord V6 with 23k miles using an AWD Mustang dyno. Due to the nature of the automatic transmission, we were unable keep the car in 3rd gear for a full dyno pull. Instead, we did a 1st to 3rd gear run to capture all the data. As you can see from the dyno, a good amount of WHP and WTQ was gained.

- 304 Stainless cast stainless flange sections
- 300 Cell metallic substrate Converters 
- TIG welded
- Argon back gassed for pure welds

All necessary hardware for installation