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J series Ported Intake Runners

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J series Ported Intake Runners
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Slickfab Ported Intake Runners. Hand Ported intake runners for the J series V6 engines. Stock runners are generally rough cast, with casting marks protruding into the runner ports. Slickfab ported runners are completely smoothed and ported/enlarged as well as slightly reshaped for maximized flow. 

Note these runners are produced from customer returned cores, and therefore, are not new. They are thoroughly cleaned and inspected, and gasket surfaces are resurfaced for proper sealing. 

If you would like us to start with brand new cores, please select that option. 

While a new gasket set isn't required, it's highly recommended as the metal gaskets should not be reused, and the injector O rings can become dry and crack. 

Please specify which engine (or cylinder heads, if hybrid) you need runners for in the comments section when placing your order. If your engine is what came in your car, telling us the car model is also acceptable. Currently available for all J30, J35 and J37 Engines. 

Please allow 3-5 days for processing. Runners are shipped 2 day priority mail, so expect them 5-7 working days from the time you place your order.