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J Series Ported 2pc Magnesium Intake Manifold (J35Z/Y/J37)

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J Series Ported 2pc Magnesium Intake Manifold (J35Z/Y/J37)
J Series Ported 2pc Magnesium Intake Manifold (J35Z/Y/J37)
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Introducing our Porting service for the J series 2pc magnesium intake manifolds. We open up ALL of these manifolds and fully port/polish them. 

We do not offer "stages" of this service since there is not enough material to remove to do different enough "stages" to make any noticeable difference. During R&D we found that these HAVE to be opened up if they are being ported, as the very light and fine Mg dust gets absolutely everywhere inside the plenum and no amount of water and air will fully remove it all if you leave the plenum as once piece. The ONLY proper and acceptable way to process these,
 in our opinion, is to split them apart and port/clean then reassemble.

 We will not offer a cheaper service that skips these steps as 1. The manifold will never be fully cleaned of metal dust and 2. Not enough of the important areas to be ported can be reached from the intake openings, therefore porting the manifold while it's assembled results in a very poor and incomplete porting job and we will not release products as such in the name of savings.