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J Series Performance Camshaft Kits

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J Series Performance Camshaft Kits
J Series Performance Camshaft Kits
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J series High Performance Camshafts available! If you don't see your application send us a message, we can do every J series cam in production, from the 1996 J30A to the 2020 J35Y6, there are just too many to list!

Due to the aggressive profile, spring/retainer kit required.

During our R&D, we found multiple accounts of the stock weak, heavy steel retainers failing (actually breaking in half!) when used with stiffer aftermarket springs. Some companies only recommend springs used with the stock retainers to save some money, but we believe when you are pushing the limits of the valve train, reducing weight is important as well, and using Titanium retainers and billet valve locks reduces the upper valve train weight by almost 50% and will help prevent any catastrophic failures, pay a little extra to bulletproof your engine! Do it once and do it right!

Special Note, as with all aggressive cams, these will cause false misfire detection on most of the newer more sensitive Honda ECU's. Depending on the year and ECU, results can range from just a blinking check engine light, to a limp mode of 3000RPM and reduced power, therefore, a tuning option is REQUIRED for most cars/ECU's. You may purchase a tuning device at a discounted price below. Whether you purchase a tuning device from us or already have one, we will provide basic tune support to prevent the false misfire detection.

Cams not in stock will have a 2-3 week production time.